From ShikanJEE To AllerJEE, People Online Are Cracking JEEsty Jokes About IITians


Joining the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) is a dream for many engineering aspirants. However, cracking the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is not an easy task.

So, while people might not be able to crack the JEE, they have (hilariously) solved the mystery behind how IITians answer questions.

1. IITians fall sick? I don’t think so! But if they do…

2. Fav movie? No problem JEE! 😛


3. Fav heroine? Tanishaa MukerJEE?

4. Fav animal, JEEraffe?!

5. IIT walo ki life philosophy is EasJEE. 🙈


6. Egg BhurJEE?

7. Fav song? 🧐

8. Calling their partner, aao JEE!

9. Ima-JEE-nary GF? 😂

10. Fav game! ❤️

11. Kaunsa biskoot khaenge JEE?

12. RanJEE trophy ke liye khele ho?

13. Ab IIT wale hi lenge na MErcedeJEE! 😜

14. Babita JEE will be very upset with this answer!  😛

15. Kyu mausa JEE be kya bigada hai?

16. Haiyeee!

17. Bilkul sahi.

18. Hahaahaaha, so true JEE.

19. Pyas lagi hai JEE.

20. And, while we are at it, let’s not make IIM and medical students feel left out:

PleaJEE tell us if you have anything to add here! 😂😝

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