Angry IG Influencer With 11K Followers Gives Restaurant 1-Star For Not Giving Her A Discount

With the world glued to social media, exciting new careers are now an option and being a social media Influencer is certainly one of them. Remember Jiff the cute doggo influencer who earns ₹12 Lakh? Or perhaps you recall the Chinese blogger who was attacked by a live octopus she tried to eat. Well, people often turn to influencers to know their honest opinions on beauty, fashion, food or even a product or service. But not everyone can handle the instant fame garnered via social media and Ranu Mondal’s recent encounter with a fan is proof.

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An unnamed ‘Instagram influencer’ decided to give a restaurant a one-star rating even though their food was ‘the best’, reports News18. She did so because the restaurant denied giving her discount even after she told them she will post the review on her Instagram where she had over ’11 thousand followers.’

The review was first posted on Reddit.

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This is what it read.

“I am giving one star because of the cheap management customer service. I heard the food was very good so I went to try. Me and my BF got the calamari, spaghetti alle vongole, and gnocchi. All were very delicious. I was actually so impressed that when the manager came to ask us how everything tasted I told her it was some of the best Italian food I’ve had and I told her I’m going to post about it on Instagram where I have over 11 thousand followers and a lot of them are in the area. She seemed very happy about it. I was wrong. I thought that she would be grateful [sic] for the free advertising but when the cheque came there was literally no discount at all. I thought at least one of the entries would be taken off but they didn’t even take off the calamari or even the drinks! I won’t go back here because of this. Which is a shame because the food was very good. The manager needs to understand how to treat customers.”

Her review was shared online and people on the internet weren’t pleased by it. Some business owners even took to Twitter to point out how this influencer culture was becoming an added liability for their businesses.

Isn’t it a shame that this influencer used her popularity to defame a business? What do you think of her act? Tell us.

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