Ranu Mondal Rebuked A Fan Asking For A Selfie & Twitter Is Giving It The Meme Treatment

If you aren’t convinced by the power of social media, let me remind you of Ranu Mondal. The woman from Ranaghat’s railway station who rose to fame overnight with her viral video and later sang in a movie alongside Himesh Reshammiya. Her rags to riches story inspired many online. While the woman gained instant stardom, it appears she lacked the humility that even megastars like SRK manage to maintain after years of being famous.

Mondal made headlines with a new viral video where she is seen furiously chiding her fan who tapped on her shoulder, asking her for a selfie. Mondal was quick to mock her fan and in a rather irritated tone, said, “Dekhiye, aap please, don’t touch. Ye kya hai.”

People on the internet were not impressed by her attitude and roasted her for misbehaving with the fans who helped her make it to the top.

Not everyone knows how to handle fame, right? One viral video made her a superstar, and other is taking her down. That’s another facet of social media one shouldn’t forget. Probably the makers will include this episode in her biopic.