Drone Footage Of Ice Skater On Frozen Lake Is So Hauntingly Beautiful That You’ll Be Mesmerised

Winter is here! And we are thankful that winter just lasts a few months here on Earth and not for years like it does in Westeros. Otherwise, Delhites would be shivering in 5° C temperature throughout. And believe it or not, it’s chilly here in Mumbai too (yeah, it’s possible)!

As a staunch hater of the winter, I would say that absolutely nothing comes out of it (well except boots, fur coats and too many layers of clothes that can tuck your fat away). However, after watching these videos, my mind has changed!

This man from Utah, United States has made the best use of a frozen lake. The ice skater has been captured gliding across the iced lake and many on social media have been stunned at the sheer beauty.

Well, if I’m completely honest it does give me a tiny bit of anxiety. But don’t worry all the safety procedures were compiled by the skater.

Justin McFarland who has shot the clip was elated when he shot the clip. In a statement to NDTV, he said,

“I knew once I shot it, it was going to be a great clip.”

The video was recorded in Pineview Dam and talking about it McFarland said,

“You’ll notice the skater is wearing a life jacket and holding two screwdrivers, just in case. The ice looks dangerous but they tested it out before skating. It is about four inches thick here, with a thin layer of water on top giving the reflection and covering the skate tracks back up.”


Hauntingly beautiful, isn’t it?

Netizens have also supported the video by watching it and rewatching it over 56,000 times on Facebook and 3,000 times on Instagram.

Bone-chilling temperatures too can create something breathtaking, eh?!