Husband Under House Arrest For Attacking Wife’s Alleged Rapist & Chopping Off His Penis

Sexual assault, molestation and rape are today, as common as cold or flu. Although women are often the victims of assaulters, sadly, even people from other genders have to face their wrath. Even though the numbers of sexual assault cases are rising with every passing day, no one actually knows what can be done to curb this. But when our loved ones are on the radar of these abusers, we often react instinctively. And that can even sometimes lead to hacking off their intimate parts, well, this is what happened in this case.

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A Ukrainian husband slashed off an alleged rapist’s penis when he saw him attacking his wife at midnight. According to the New York Post, the couple were returning post-dinner from a nearby restaurant when the incident happened. The wife left the eatery 10 minutes earlier than her husband and started walking towards their home. But as she reached her apartment block, 25-year-old Dmitry Ivchenko, allegedly attacked her from behind, covered her mouth and took her into the bushes.

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When the husband reached the block, he heard some noises coming from the bushes. That is when he saw ‘Ivchenko squeezing his wife’s throat while raping her,’ reports The Sun. The husband furiously attacked Dmitry and punched him on his face. He then allegedly reached for his Swiss army knife and chopped off the man’s penis.

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Bleeding heavily, Dmitry screamed to raise an alarm and woke up the residents in the area. The victim’s mother immediately reported Ivchenko to the police while others called an ambulance for him. “The husband lost the ability to control his actions. He did not understand what he was doing,” said the husband’s attorney, Dmitry Spaskin.

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He further added:

“After the incident, the husband was in a state of shock and just walked away. He walked about 13 kilometres and reached a neighbouring village. There he met an acquaintance and asked to drive him to a police station.”

Speaking to reporters the husband said:

“I cannot explain what happened to me at that moment.”

Justifying his case, the rape accused said, ‘that he was dumped by his girlfriend a week ago. On the day of the incident, he drank a litre of vodka.’ The husband was charged with ‘causing grievous bodily harm’ and is put under house arrest while the rape accused is undergoing treatment.

The female residents of the village, however, supported the husband for his actions claiming that ‘any girl from our village could have become Ivchenko’s victim.’ Hanna Khaustova, a  female resident said, “Ivchenko tried to hit on me but I told him to stop. Then he said, ‘You will regret it’.”

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Well, the angry husband did what he thought was right, at that moment. What are your opinions on this matter? Tell us.

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