Instead Of Filtered Pic, Hrithik Shows His Damp Wall & Imperfect Balcony View, Fans React

Nowadays, social media makes us believe in a picture-perfect life. Pictures of swanky houses, creaseless clothes, and textureless bodies fool us into thinking that our lives aren’t good enough. However, a picture posted by Hrithik Roshan recently burst that bubble for many people.

Hrithik recently took to Twitter to share a picture of himself and his mother chilling at home. What people noticed instantly were his damp wall at the back and an under-construction property outside his veranda. Have a look:

“On a lazy breakfast date with my mum,” he tweeted.

People online showered immense love on Hrithik for showing a part of his life that isn’t “filtered”. Many also expressed how they felt relieved seeing that Hrithik, too, has seelan on his walls!

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We love celebrities who keep it real!

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