Kudos To This Bangalore Autorickshaw Driver Who Returned A Laptop Left By A Passenger

Shri Madhukumar, an auto driver residing in Bangalore, made the city proud by being honest and sincere in returning to a man his belongings that he had forgotten in his rickshaw before he got off at his destination.



Mr Zairemchhunga, a student of PES College, Mandya, and a native of Mizoram, had hailed the auto from SP road, and accidentally left his laptop worth Rs. 50,000 along with a few other personal belongings when he got off at Brigade Road. Sri Madhukumar realized that, and immediately approached the Traffic Management Center in Bangalore to verify the man through the CCTV footage from the cameras placed on the roads.



The student got a call from the Auto driver soon enough, and was directed to come to the TMC to claim his belongings.


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Indeed, it’s a good day for Bangaloreans to know how efficient their people are!

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