Not 1 Out Of 40K Students Passed In Hindi Or Gujarati In Class 12 Supplementary Board Exam

There’s immense pressure on kids these days when it comes to academics, especially during their board exams. The nervousness to pass and the panic is heightened during those months and sometimes kids don’t fetch the desired results, despite their hard work.

But, Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB)’s results have had a shocking revelation and we are quite surprised with the end result.

According to an Indian Express report, the results of Class XII students of science stream in the state were out; and, not a single student out of close to 43,000 was able to score passing marks in language paper in the supplementary exam of Hindi and Gujarati.

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The results were declared on Monday and the overall percentage was not very encouraging too. The pass percentage was really low in main papers like Mathematics and Biology.


A News 18 report stated,

The students who were eligible to re-appear in the supplementary exams had registered earlier in June 2017 and approximately 42,721 students registered for HSC Science stream out of which only 3008 have passed, taking the pass percentage at 7.63 per cent; 80,600 students registered for SSC examinations out of which 13,520 passed the exam taking the pass percentage to 27.7 per cent and 59,183 students had registered for HSC General Stream.”


The pass percentage for girls was better than the boys. It was 11.03 percent for girls and 5.66 for the boys.

Out of all the districts, Chhota Udepur performed well and got a pass percentage of 14.49 percent, while Devbhoomi Dwarka was at the bottom with 2.33 pass percentage. That’s not all. The Class X results with a pass percentage of 27.7 weren’t too impressive too.

The fact that these were supplementary exams and even then students didn’t fare well is an alarming statistic. The results are very dismaying. What would happen if rectification measures are┬ánot implemented soon?

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