Only True Harry Potter Fans Can Name All 12 Things In This Magical Quiz!

There is no doubt that ‘Harry Potter’ has been an integral part of our childhood. However, only true Potterheads eat, sleep, breathe ‘Harry Potter’ even to this day and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives! If you are one of them, then identifying these 12 things won’t be a problem at all!

1. Name this serpent that can kill people with just one glance.

2. What is the red envelope called?

3. This is Buckbeak. He is a:

4. What is Professor Sprout holding?

5. What is this horcrux called?

6. Fred and George gave this thing to Harry. What is this called?

7. What is this mirror called?

8. What is this hanging from Harry and Hermione’s neck?

9. What is this called?

10. What is this game called?

11. Dumbledore had left Hermione a book. What was it called?

12. Where is Harry dropping Snape’s memories?

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