Guy’s Witty LinkedIn Job Descriptions Become A Hit Online, Desis Call It ‘Perfect’

In today’s day and age, carefully crafting your LinkedIn profile is as important as a filmmaker trying to create the perfect trailer for their film. Your skills need to sell and your experience needs to be marketed in order for you to land the perfect work opportunity from time to time. Hence, what you decide to write on your profile needs to be captivating, and concise and should leave your audience (potential employers) eager for the full feature presentation.

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However, a guy named Mahesh Suthar’s LinkedIn work experience section is as impressive as it gets. He currently serves as the Head of India Recruitment at Rippling and he summarized his work as ‘Vibing’. Under another work experience, when he worked as a Consultant for FusionCharts, he described his job as ‘Made friends’.

Have a look:

A guy named Vibin Babuurajan shared screenshots of his LinkedIn profile and wrote, “Linkedin experience description done right,” and we agree!

Several people online were left impressed by this and they called it the perfect description. Here’s how some of them reacted:

Recruiters better be impressed by him! 😛

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