Guy Wants To Leave His 43.5 LPA Job For A Company That Provides 4 Meals A Day For Free

A large part of adulthood is trying to fend for everything you need with your salary, no matter how little the amount might seem. Once you take responsibility for your own life, move out of your home and start living alone, one of the main things that become a priority is dividing your monthly earnings into compartments – household, medical, recreational, etc. expenses – and finding ways to save money.

However, one guy is willing to leave his job which pays him a whopping Rs 43.5 LPA for a job at a company that is willing to provide 4 meals a day for free, like Google. He took to Grapevine to post about it.

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“I’m an active gym person. My monthly food cost is high. Considering joining companies with great protein food and offers food for all 4 meals. I started preparing for Google interviews. Are there any other companies I should target?” his post read.

He went on to mention that his current salary is Rs 43.5 LPA and he has 4.3 years of work experience. He probably is a software engineer.

Have a look at his post here:

A screenshot of his post was shared on X by Saumil, the founder of Grapevine who wrote, “I rarely see people with so much clarity about their priorities and future choices. His reason to get his next job is simple: good food.”

However, several people online found it incredibly funny how the software engineer, despite having a salary of Rs 43.5 LPA, is unable to afford high-protein meals. Here’s how some of them reacted:

What can we say? Some people’s priorities are other people’s luxuries!

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