Guy Narrates How Cab Driver Made Sure He Slept After His Flight & Took Him For Breakfast

Amidst all the hate that we get to see in the world on a daily basis, it’s good to see people performing acts of kindness and helping each other with no expectations of gaining anything in return.

I say this because a guy named Harsh Sharma took to LinkedIn to share a rather heartwarming post about his cab driver.

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Harsh revealed that his cab driver, Ravi, saw that he hadn’t slept due to his flight and hence, he arranged the seat in a manner for him to sleep on. He then took him to a restaurant and ordered South Indian delicacies for him.

“He organised the seats so I could lay down. Then he asked me ‘sir breakfast eat?’. I said no. He told me ‘you sleep, I stop at good restaurant’, 1 hour later he wakes me up. We are at a very crowded restaurant, he arranges a table for me. The restaurant was self service, but he brings menu to me and suggests some specialities of south India,” Harsh wrote.

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He also offered Harsh coffee and ate food with him on the same table.

“An average man in his 50s just left a life long impression on me and I am left here just feeling sooooo good and wondering that somewhere in this fast paced life we left humanity way behind. South Indians are gems,” Harsh wrote.

Have a look at his full post here:

People like Ravi make the world a better place! 🙂

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