Guy Asks If He Should Marry A Woman With Too Many Male Friends, Desis Shower Advice

There are some who can easily make friends with people from the opposite gender. There are also some who wouldn’t like their partners to have too many friends from the opposite gender. Call it insecurity or just a choice, there’s nothing wrong with both. Different people have different choices.

However, one guy took to Reddit’s subreddit r/India to share how he met this girl through an arranged marriage set-up and the both agreed to get married. After speaking to her and occasionally meeting her, he realized that she has many male friends who hang out with her often.

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“I belong to a conservative family. I met a girl through arranged marriage setup. I liked the girl and we agreed on marriage. Now we started talking on the phone and occasionally meeting, as we both live in different cities. She and her male friend live next to each other in the same building.”

This girl isn’t secretive about her male friends. In fact, she is quite open about her friendships with her partner. While the guy has no problem with her partying, smoking and drinking, he particularly minds her having close male friends who hang out with her seemingly all the time.

“Even though she lives alone, her room is always filled with her college-time friends (male & female and their friend’s partners). Every weekend or even during the week, they do their party in her room and sometimes outside also. She also drinks and smokes. Most of the time, after a party, her male and female friends stay at her home and go after one or two days. I don’t have any problem with her drinking and smoking. But what I fear are her male friends.”

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“Now I am really worried should I go ahead with the marriage. Really confused,” he added.

Have a look at the post here:

Marrying a girl with too many make friends from india

People on Reddit gave some amazing advice. Many pointed out that the two aren’t compatible and would suffer if they get married. They asked the guy to marry a girl who has the same preferences as him, while the girl in question should find a man who is completely fine with her hanging out with men.

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In order to have a happy and secure marriage, two people should be compatible. Their mindsets and basic values have to match. Otherwise, it will be a lifetime of adjusting, compromising and sacrificing, which will eventually suck the happiness out of the relationship.

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