Guy Gifts His Baniya Mom A Mini Weighing Scale For Food, She Uses It To Haggle For Veggies

Nowadays, you’ll find many people using a mini digital weighing scale to control the portions of their food. This is to make sure they don’t eat too much of anything since some have a habit of eating more than required which later harms their overall health.

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A guy named Abhishek Bansal too gifted his mother a small digital weighing scale for portion control and counting calories after work-from-home ended. However, after he visited home 6 months later, he found that his “baniya” mom used it to re-weigh veggies that she already bought and get angry when the scale showed less weight than what was promised.

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“Before WFH ended, I bought my mom a small digital weighing scale for measuring portions to track calories accurately. 6 months later I visit home and find out that she’s been using it to re-weigh the veggies she buys and create a ruckus if it’s even 10 gm less. Baniya Moms!” he wrote on Twitter.

Have a look:

After reading this, several others shared similar stories of their mothers and their hacks. Some even called it “financial management skills” that are embedded not just in baniya moms but every middle-class mom in general.

My mom doesn’t have a mini weighing scale like this, but I’m sure she would do the same if she had one!

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