Guy Gets Dumped Badly As He Brings Up His Past Relationship In 1st Arranged Marriage Meet

Lately, there have been a couple of bizarre arranged marriage stories making rounds in the online world. There was this one incident where the guy’s family rejected the bride as she had a divorced sister. There was another one where men revealed how they rejected their girlfriends because they were pressurised into an arranged marriage.

And now, another guy took to Reddit to reveal how he was rejected by the bride’s family after he revealed he was in a relationship earlier. The girl apparently went on to tell her mother and hell broke loose in their house.

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“I was talking to a girl who was found by my mother shared by some mediator. A well-educated woman and I told her that I was in a relationship (which didn’t work out) and I told her I didn’t want to lie and start a new relationship. She told her mother and she portrayed me as a bad person.”

Have a look at the full post here:

Arrange marriage scenes from india

Well, people online thought that he dodged a bullet. Here’s what some of them said:

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Honesty and transparency in any relationship are important in building trust and understanding. Don’t you think it was right for the guy to open up about his past and do you think the girl’s reaction was justified?

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