Guy’s Family Rejects Girl In Arranged Marriage As She Had A Divorced Sister, Desis React

Most of us are aware of the kind of stigmatization divorced people face in their day-to-day lives. From not being invited to family gatherings to being called a ‘negative influence’ on others, both women and men are given a tough time by society. Because our society tends to think of divorce as a failure and not a means of ending a toxic, abusive, or unhappy marriage.

Sometimes, even the family members of a divorced individual have to suffer. For example, a guy recently took to Reddit to narrate how he got himself tangled in an arranged marriage setup. Despite the prospective bride having a good career, she was rejected from the guy’s side because her elder sister was divorced after 10 months of marriage.

“I liked a girl but everyone advised not to proceed and not to invite her parents home. Reason being her elder sister is divorced after 10 months of marriage. The girl has a good career (although not a criteria for me) and looks above average as well. I liked her being family-oriented, which made me really interested. Almost desperate, but then she disclosed this and now it’s almost over,” he wrote.

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“Is there no chance to have a normal uncomplicated married life with a girl having a family background of divorces?” the guy asked. Have a look at his Reddit post here:

Girl with divorced sibling from Arrangedmarriage

Underneath the comment section, there were people who had similar experiences and shared their ordeal.

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Some even claimed that it is ultimately his loss.

A couple of others expressed how he should have had the courage to stand up for the girl.

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A few others lauded the elder sister for stepping out of a loveless marriage.

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Don’t you think that it is high time people changed their regressive views surrounding divorce?

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