20-YO Guy Buys Shirt Worth ₹22K, Desis Respond By Showing Off Their Hilarious Purchases

When I was 20 years old, I was pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English and my daily budget was Rs 100, which I earned from a part-time job and spent on travel, food, and making xerox copies of class notes. While shopping for clothes online, I used to choose the ‘low to high price’ filter and buy the cheapest yet decent-looking clothes. Spending thousands on clothes seemed like a luxury I could never afford.

However, a 20-year-old guy named Piyush recently shared on Twitter that he bought a shirt worth Rs 22,000. The shirt is nothing extraordinary – just a brown-coloured casual shirt.

However, people online responded to his video with the most hilarious tweets. They shared pictures of items that they purchased along with their age and it is relatable AF! From icecream to a packet of chips, momos to a lip balm, here’s what people on Twitter shared:

What were you doing when you were 20? 😉

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