Gujarat Sadhvi Comes Out Of Jail, Goes To A Spa, Watches ‘Baahubali 2’ And Then Escapes!

In January this year, Police arrested a Gujarati Sadhvi Jayshree Giri from Palanpur for a cheating case of Rs 5.2 crore. She loaned gold worth the money from a local jeweller and never paid the money after repeated requests.

After a police case, her house was raided and the report said that they found 24 gold biscuits of 100 grams each (worth Rs 80 lakh) and Rs 1.29 crore in cash. 

Sadhvi Jayshree Giri was serving her term in the Ahmedabad jail. She got out on a parole for a medical checkup. But she blinded the police and slipped out on Thursday, only after she had a relaxing spa and enjoyed the movie ‘Baahubali 2’.

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The 4 police officers who were assigned for the duty, had completed their training only a few months back. They were supposed to go and get her check up done at a private hospital and come back. Four of them have been arrested for negligence. 


According to the police, Sadhvi can be very persuasive when she wants to. She persuaded the policemen to take her to the mall. They also said that she was continuously on phone with her lawyer during the time. JK Bhatt, Joint Commissioner of Police, Ahmedabad said –

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“She went for a massage in Himalayan Mall, and watched Baahubali 2. She was also continuously on phone seeking to know if her parole could be extended.”

After her lawyer said that the parole couldn’t be extended in anyway, she played the washroom trick. Under the pretext of using the loo, she fled the mall. The lawyer has also been taken into custody.

On another note, nothing compares to a relaxing day at the spa. Now, does it? The Sadhvi will know the answer to that! 😉

News Source: NDTV