Gucci Sells Jeans With Fake Grass Stains For ₹88K, Twitter Says ‘Just Roll On Real Grass’

Some luxury brands have no chill. They can sell ridiculous heels which look like maggi, worn-out sneakers which look like they have been passed on for generations, and face-shields all at an exorbitant price!

In an addition to this list, Gucci recently launched “grass-stain” jeans for their autumn collection which look worn out with a tinge of green. According to Daily Mail, these jeans are called “Eco washed organic denim pants” which give the illusion of “fresh grass stains” around the knee area.

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Gucci is selling the item for a whopping $1200, that is Rs 88,000 approximately, reports Times Now.

That’s not it. According to the New York Post, the brand is also selling denim overalls with the same “grass stain” for $1400, that is Rs 1.02 lakhs approximately.

This has left people on the internet wondering if they have made a huge mistake by discarding their old, dirty, and worn-out jeans. Because if they would have kept them, they could sell them today for a fortune!

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