Louis Vuitton’s ‘Luxury’ Face Shield With Gold Studs Costs ₹ 70,000, Twitter Reacts

I am still wrapping my head around how to proceed with life during this pandemic, and people have managed to race two steps ahead and come up with luxury PPE. For instance, a Pune Man created a gold mask worth ₹3 lakh and started a meme fest online, or how a Surat shop sold diamond masks for weddings, which left all of us saying ‘shaadi budget idhar hi khatam’.

As per a report in The Indian Express, luxury brand Louis Vuitton has announced a new face shield costing $961 (approximately Rs. 70,610) as part of their new 2021 Cruise Collection:-

CNN quotes the French fashion house Louis Vuitton’s statement that the luxe face shield is designed to be “both stylish and protective.” Reportedly, other features of the “eye-catching” product include gold studs with the brand name’s engraving, an elastic monogrammed headband, and a movable visor that transitions from clear to dark in sunlight, that would enable wearers to wear it upwards like a “classic peaked hat.”

People’s responses ranged from shields not being as effective as face masks to criticizing the brand for capitalizing on the pandemic.

Twitter, as usual,  had some hilarious reactions in store for the expensive accessory:-

Never knew that we would see protective gear turn into luxury accessories in this manner. What do you think? Would you consider splurging on something like this? Tell us!

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