94-YO Grandma Joins The ‘Barbie’ Fever, Serves Multiple Pink Looks On Instagram, Watch

The ‘Barbie’ craze has been a global sensation and it is a complete delight to watch people participate in the pink parade, both online and offline. While the movie-watching audience is flocking to their nearest theatres wearing pink outfits, social media influencers are creating ‘pink’ content, from fashion to food recipes!

And now, a 94-year-old grandma has participated in the ‘Barbie’ trend by serving multiple pink looks on Instagram. The grandma, whose name is Jiya, dressed in 5 different outfits, from pink dresses to pink sunglasses. An Instagram Reel of her slaying the looks was shared by her granddaughter Jinal Jain.

Here’s a look at her video:


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A post shared by Jinal Jain (@lampofjinni)

Several people online were left impressed by the dadi’s looks and showered her with immense love. Grandma Jiya definitely garnered a lot of fans online! Here’s a look at some of the reactions:

It’s such a wonderful sight to see everyone drenched in pink! 😀

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