Grandma Ate Grandson’s Marijuana Brownies, What Happened Next Left Us L-O-L!

Not many for us are lucky enough to live with our grandparents, but those who are, know that with time they tend to behave like babies, in constant need of a guardian. And if you leave them unattended, chances are, they might get themselves in trouble, or do something that might leave you in splits, as in this case.

A grandmother mistakenly gobbles down her grandson’s pot brownies and what happens next will leave you laughing out loud.

After she was done eating, she was seen enjoying an unexpected trip of giggles and dancing while seated in her leather recliner. A bit disoriented, the grandma who accidentally consumed the eatables not knowing that it contained weed was captured in a video struggling to grab her drink kept next to her.

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Here’s the video shared on WorldStarHipHop, by her grandson.

The cute grandma was seen enjoying the music and singing softly as she tries to handle her trippy self.

She carefully tries to grab her drink with both her hands and tries to put it back in the cupholder. Her whole ordeal takes her nearly a minute to complete and it’s hilarious.

She can be seen swaying in circles, snapping her fingers and clapping after finishing the drink.

There have been multiple instances when grandparents have been unintentionally hilarious but this grandmother who remained unharmed by the accidental consumption of her grandson’s pot brownies is our favourite.

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Have your grandparents ever done something this hilarious? Share your story with us in the comments!

Disclaimer: We do not encourage the consumption of narcotic and psychotropic substances. Consumption of such substances can be harmful to health.
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