Woman Says Rishikesh Is A Better Vacay Destination Than Goa For Its ‘Vibes’, Divides Twitter

When you think of Rishikesh, what comes to your mind? Spirituality, meditation, Ganga arati, river rafting, mountains? Maybe all of them. Every year, hundreds of people visit Rishikesh because it is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in our country. It is also a natural marvel, with ghats on one side and hills on the other.

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Now, imagine Goa. I’m sure you’ll think of music festivals, parties, shacks, amazing seafood, scooty rides and the chilled-out vibe of the place. There is no way to compare both travel destinations, but a woman named Anubha Pandey took to Twitter to share that she feels Rishikesh is a better travel destination than Goa.

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Anubha revealed that she has visited both places for a good number of days and her judgement is on the basis of “good vibes”. According to her, Rishikesh has better vibes than Goa.

This one tweet of hers managed to divide Twitter as people started to take sides – team Rishikesh vs team Goa! Many argued for either side and why one is better than the other. Have a look:

As for me, I would choose Goa any day! What about you?

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