Little Girl’s Bird Attacks Whoever She Screams At, Watch Viral Video That’s Reminding Netizens Of Dany!

Pets can be trained to do random stuff and this a proven fact! Dogs can be trained to fetch a ball, shake hands, parrots can be trained to talk or at least repeat your words, and so on. But no one could have ever thought of training their pet bird in the way this little girl did!

Because obviously, there is always a difference between the way adults make their pets perform tricks and the way a naughty little munchkin has a bird do her bidding. This tiny evil genius girl, apparently, trained her bird to attack anyone she screams at!

A video of the girl with her pet showcasing this incredible talent is going viral on the internet. She screams and her pet bird attacks, in this case, it attacks the person filming the video.

The little Khaleesi reminds you of Dany as the ‘Mother of Dragons’ doesn’t it?

The video of this little criminal mastermind and her bird is spreading like a wildfire on the internet. It was shared by her uncle on Twitter with a caption, “My niece has her bird trained to attack anyone she screams at.” The viral video also caught the attention of a paranormal investigator who believed that there was something eerie in it.

“Not an ornithologist but am a paranormal investigator. Don’t mean to alarm you but there is a white reflective material that floats down and appears to make contact with her, just before she screams. Could also be a speck of dust. Caught my eye first thing though,” he wrote.

Some were also reminded of Game Of Throne’s Daenerys Targaryen, who has dragons that attack on her command.

And similarly, even we are awestruck at the little girl’s talent of training a bird in such a way! Nobody can afford to mess with this young girl. A fierce girl and fiercer is her pet bird!

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