12 YO Girl Jumps Off The Roof In Rajasthan To Escape Brutal Beating By Drunk Father

Appalling cases of domestic violence and child abuse is a matter of serious concern in India. While these gruesome activities are practiced fearlessly at homes, we are far from finding a solution to the brutality.

Unfortunately, today is one of those days and there’s is another hair-raising incident that is making us bow our heads down in shame.

In an incident that took place in Jaipur, Rajasthan, a 12-year-old girl jumped off the terrace of her house in her attempt to duck the merciless beating by her father.

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The horrific episode took place on Sunday, 15th of April in the Vijay Bagh area in Neemrana where the family was staying at a rented apartment. The girl has fractured both her legs and has been admitted to the Sachkhand Hospital ICU.

According to reports, the girl was speaking over the phone on the terrace of her house which annoyed her father. Out of fury, the man who was apparently drunk came up to the terrace and started bashing up his daughter.

The girl jumped from the terrace to free herself from the wrath while the neighbors watched the happening without taking action. A man even made a video of the incident on his mobile phone.

Quite shockingly, the police who were just 1 km away from the spot arrived 3 hours late. If the neighbors are to be believed, they called up the nearest police station on their landline but it was not working.

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They tried to reach the police on their mobile phones also but got no response from the other side.

Watch the video here:

However, the girl is now said to be stable and the guilty has also been arrested for further investigations. We sincerely hope for justice to be done in this case for a message to be sent out to these cruel souls.