Girl Narrates How Her Mom Stood Up To Her Conservative Grandma After 25 Yrs Of Abuse

Even today, there are numerous women across the country who face physical and verbal abuse from their in-laws. While some fight back, others are forced to keep quiet.

However, one woman recently took to Twitter to narrate how her mother took a stand for herself after 25 years of suffering verbal abuse from her mother-in-law.

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She reveals that her grandmother abused her mother because she didn’t have a ghunghat and was sitting “at the same level” as her.

However, later when her relatives came to celebrate rakhi and asked her mother to sit in the same room as everyone else, including the grandmother, she refused.

“I’m not coming if all I have to do is keep the ghunghat and listen to me and my family being abused,” she said.

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People online lauded her mother’s courage and said it is never too late to take a stand for yourself. Others shared similar experiences of their mothers.

Sometimes, all it takes is one act of courage!

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