Marital Rape Led To Woman’s Paralysis, Mumbai Courts Calls It ‘Unfortunate, Not Illegal’

Despite several protests and movements, marital rape still isn’t illegal in our country. Even though the judges at the Kerala High Court said that marital rape can be a solid ground for divorce, a Mumbai court said otherwise.

According to Zee News, a Mumbai court recently heard the plea of a woman who suffered paralysis after her husband allegedly raped her. Additional Sessions judge Sanjashree J Gharat said that the man “cannot be held responsible” and that forced sex in marriage “can’t be called illegal”.

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“It is very unfortunate that the young girl suffered paralysis. However, the applicants (husband and family) cannot be held responsible for the same. Looking into the nature of allegations made against the applicants, custodial interrogation is not required. The applicants are ready to cooperate during the course of the investigation,” the court said.

According to DNA, the couple got married in 2020. The woman alleged that the husband started to have sex against her consent after marriage. In her complaint against him, she mentioned that she suffered paralysis below her waist after forced sex.

She further alleged that her in-laws put restrictions on her, used to taunt and abuse her, and also demanded dowry.

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Her husband and his family have refuted the allegations, claiming protection from arrest.

The court’s statements left several people online enraged. Here’s what some of them said:

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