‘Equality Zaruri Hai’ Gautam Rode Questions The Divide Between TV Actors & Film Stars

TV actors have often spoken about how they are subjected to discrimination by people in Bollywood. Now it is Gautam Rode popularly known for essaying characters in Saraswatichandra, Suryaputra Karn and Kaal Bhairav Rahasya that speaks of a divide between film and TV industry. HT reports him saying that artists are getting stereotyped based on their medium of work. 

“I want one should stop dividing people like — yeh TV actor, yeh film actor aur yeh OTT actor. For instance, there is no divide in the west between actors based on mediums. Ek actor, actor hota hai. Usko kyun bolte hai ke aap TV actor ho ya aap OTT actor ho ya film actor. Aur ussi ke hisab se aapko izzat milti hai,” explains Rode adding that he believes every actor who is devoted to their craft must be treated equally, without creating boundaries.

He stresses that equality is missing in some aspects of showbiz. “Equality zaruri hai. Aisa nahi hai ke actors nahi hai, but kaam limited hai. Now, work has started opening up.”

Talking about the changing times and advent of OTT platforms, he says, “In OTT space, there is no star. Anyone can come from anywhere and get recognition overnight with one show. And people will start appreciating you. That is the power of the medium.”

Rode opines, “An actor is an actor. Our job is to perform. They shouldn’t be called stars. Aisa karne se sabka dimag sahi jagah pe rehta hai aur sab same level pe chalte hai. Everyone will be on the same page and we can create mass quality stuff…Abhi hum log toh divide mein hi reh jaate hain. I am glad things are things are moving in that direction,” says the 45-year-old actor.

What do you think of his views?

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