Shivangi Joshi Claims TV Actors Are Looked Down Upon & Subjected To Discrimination

Looking at their Instagram profile, we would think that television actors enjoy the same luxury and stardom as those working in Bollywood. However, it’s not always the case. TV stars who have made it big with their impactful performances are also typecasted to a specific role, become victims of groupism in the industry, and have to chase producers for the payment of their dues. Moreover, TV actors are allegedly looked down upon.

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Opening up about the discrimination faced, 22-year-old Shivangi Joshi says, “I’ve heard actors not having a happy experience during film auditions. Though I didn’t go for any, I didn’t have good experience with fashion designers.”

Hindustan Times quoted her saying:

“I had once wanted to wear a particular designer’s clothes, but my team was told that they don’t give their clothes to TV actors. This happened a few times. It does feel bad but I realized some people still fail to understand that we all are artists and aren’t defined by mediums, and therefore deserve respect.”

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The actor who has been associated with shows like ‘Begusarai’ and ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ also spoke about the comparison between TV and OTT content.

“I don’t understand this comparison. Both the platforms and viewers for OTT and TV are different. Though not everything can be good, I don’t think one should generalize TV content as bad. If you’re debating, then also talk about good shows. When you watch a bad film or web series, do you say the content on these mediums is bad? You enjoy fantasy and supernatural Hollywood shows and films, but when it’s shown in our shows, you complain. You can talk about how we do better but don’t pull us down.” She also highlighted the reach of television in places that are devoid of internet connections.

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Joshi, who kickstarted her career as a child actor with a cameo appearance further said, “And what about the monotony that creeps in while playing the same character in long-format shows, something that many actors have spoken against?”

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“The character much like me in real life has grown on the show. I can identify with certain things in it. And the TV format is different. Our shows and stories become one with viewers who watch us daily. It’s their appreciation that gets us going.”

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Expressing her love for TV, Joshi says that films and OTT are fine but TV will always stay close to her heart.

“I know our schedules are hectic but every medium has its own demand and charm. TV gave me identity, helped me grow as an artist. So even though I’d dabble in web and films, but TV will remain that part of me without which I’m incomplete. But right now, I don’t have time for anything except for music videos, which only needs two-three days to shoot.”

Well, watching a show or not is completely the choice of the viewers, but generalizing the content on the medium based on a couple of bad shows isn’t fair too, right?

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