Dad Transforms Garage Into Classroom With A Virtual Teacher For Daughter’s Online Classes!


With online classes being the new normal for students amid the pandemic, teachers are using innovative ideas like ‘virtual reality‘ to impart their wisdom. However, it’s not just teachers, even parents have stepped up during this time of crisis.

Like, recently, an internet-dad tried to recreate an actual classroom in his garage for his daughter, reports News18. Because, after all, a school set-up helps the students to be in the zone for studying. Whereas, while at home things are more comfortable and cozy.

His classroom set-up seemed complete with a school-style desk, a screen, a time-table, and a whiteboard. In fact, he even ensured that the teacher looked as real as possible. Wondering how? Well, he taped an iPad as the head on a cardboard cut-out of a woman making it look like the teacher was actually present there.

Have a look at the video shared by a Reddit user.

Father converted his garage into a classroom for his daughter from nextfuckinglevel

In the video, the kid can be seen engrossed in her lesson as if she was in an actual school classroom. Many people applauded the father for his dedication and said that not many people would go to this length to create a ‘home-classroom’ for their kids.

2020 is surely the year of innovation. Kudos to the father for his innovative idea. What do you think about this unique ‘home-classroom’? Tell us!

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