Here’s A Breakdown Of Game Of Thrones S8 Official Trailer Hunting For Some Easter Eggs


So in case you hadn’t noticed, Game of Thrones dropped the official trailer for season 8 last night, something we were desperately waiting for!

Now, we have some good and bad news.

Good news – IT’S ALMOST TIME! Bad news – the trailer doesn’t give away much.


It’s evident from the trailer that the showrunners have been very stingy about revealing important information. So, there aren’t as many easter eggs in this one.

Let’s have a look:

Now let’s try to break the trailer down shot by shot to see if we can get lucky by spotting some easter eggs!

The trailer opens with a terrified, blood-smeared, panting Arya who is trying to hide from somebody. It’s a goosebumps moment to see her scared that way because of how fierce she has been through the entire series.


Next, we see Arya running through the hallway from an unseen enemy. The location seems to be Winterfell, which basically means that maybe the White Walkers have made their way into the Stark’s home?

That’s Varys’ freaked out face! He along with other non-sword yielding individuals are hiding inside what looks like the Winterfell crypts. Someone pointed out maybe that’s Gilly with her baby at the back.

Here’s where I felt like cheering! The familiar confident Arya checking out a dragon-glass and saying, “I know death. He’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one.”

Here we see Sir Davos walking past a few Unsullied (maybe?) looking, as usual, quite worried.

Next! Seems like Euron Greyjoy has finally arrived the Capital along with his 3 ships filled with what might be the mercenaries from the Golden Company.

Though for a second I thought that the guy on the ship resembles Jaime, and the soldiers were that of the Lannisters, they’re not.

Tormund and Beric Dondarrion are alive! Just to refresh your memory, the two of them were in Castle Black when the Ice Dragon started breaking the Wall down!

“Everything you did brought you where you are now, where you belong”, says Bran, in the presence of an awkward Sam. It seems possible that Bran says that to Jon, and that’s gonna be one heck of a reunion!

Cercei is looking quite pleased. Probably she is looking at Euron’s ships arriving. When is this woman gonna learn?

Daenerys and Jon finally arrive at Winterfell with the Dragons!

And clearly, Sansa is bewildered seeing dragons for the first time.

This scene might probably be after Jon gets to know of his true parentage. Jon here is inside the Winterfell crypts, I’m guessing in front of Lyanna Stark’s statue, and an affectionate Danny comes to comfort him.

“Our enemy doesn’t tire, doesn’t stop, doesn’t feel”, Jon’s words echoing while everyone prepares for the big battle. This is where nerves begin to chill.

Please let this not be Grey Worm and Missandei’s final goodbye!

A battle has begun, and Jaime looks terrified!

This shot isn’t that clear but it looks like Cercei having a meeting with the Golden Company guy we say on the ship because no one else wears bottoms like that.

And next, a teary-eyed but smirking Cercei (so typical) sipping wine while soaking in some bad news.

Hey! Is she supposed to drink that wine while being pregnant? Or is she not pregnant anymore in this scene? Did she lose the baby? I HAVE QUESTIONS!

The trailer just got way too dragon-y. And look at Arya’s expression on seeing dragons for the first time! Remember everyone’s expression when they saw dragons for the first time?

[SPOILERS] Arya’s face expression in the new teaser! from gameofthrones

That’s exactly what makes Arya so badass!

Also, looks like the hound isn’t scared of fire anymore!

“I promised to fight for the living, I intend to fight for the living”, yeah you do Jaime! Here’s something interesting: according to the books, Jaime was the one who was supposed to kill Cercei. But now it seems like he has arrived at Winterfell announcing his allegiance to the Starks, so who knows?

And this is the moment we have been waiting for! Will Jon finally ride a dragon? This looks like what could happen after he receives news that he’s a Targaryen.

Please let this be Tyrion watching Jon ride a dragon!

Finally, the calm before the storm. The army of the living waiting for the dead.

The undead leg of a horse, maybe that of the Night’s King. The dead have arrived!

14th April, can’t wait for you to come!

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