8 Burning Questions GoT Episode 5 Answers & 6 That Are Still A Mystery **Spoiler Alert!**


Approach with caution: If you havenโ€™t watched Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5, stop reading now or be met with spoilers.

After Game of Thrones episode 4 where fans were outraged and saddened by the developments of Westeros, there was a lot riding on episode 5. And it delivered brilliantly! Here are some of the ‘burning’ (pun intended) questions answered by this week’s instalment and some that still remain a mystery.

  1. What will Lord Varys do now that he knows about Jon’s true parentage?

The Master of Whispers was shown writing a note to someone stating what he knows but was cut short and sentenced to die. In the end, however, his misgivings proved true.

2. Will Missandei be avenged?

Looks like Dany took her friend’s last word ‘Dracarys’ to heart and successfully took revenge on those that executed her.

3. Will Daenerys be able to take on Cersei’s Army?

Yes. Yes and yes. Daenerys along with Drogon showed everyone just how much havoc they can wreak together. They incinerated the Iron Fleet, The Golden Company and ALL the ‘Scorpion’ spears built to kill dragons.

4. Does the Red Keep fall?

For the first time in the saga of ice and fire, the Red Keep falls. Most of the city and its residents are burned or killed.

5. Will Clegane-bowl finally happen?

It did. And in true Game of Thrones fashion, it was brutal and bloody, to say the least. Sandor did get his wish to end his big brother aka The Mountain but it seems that he is quite difficult to kill. After the best one-to-one combat (fight me!) sequence ever, both fall from the Red Keep to their eventual demise.

6. Does Jamie want to save Cersei or kill her?

Last time, we saw Jamie leave Winterfell (and Brienne) to go to his sister. While some speculated that he would fulfil the ‘Valonqar’ prophecy, others weren’t convinced. Despite a minor roadblock (read: Euron), the Lannister twins manage to reunite but presumably meet their fate as the castle falls and their escape is cut short. Some fans believe that Jamie did kill her in the end, kind of.

7. Will Dany become the ‘Mad Queen’?

Well, she does seem to have stopped showing mercy to the innocent and weak. Even after Tyrion’s repeated requests to call off the attack once the bells ring, she doesn’t. She continues to burn everything in her path, just like she promised.

8. Who will win the Last War?

Dany has taken what she came to take with fire and blood. For now. But the show is known for its unexpected twists and turns. So, some things remain unclear still. We’re hoping we get some insight from the finale that airs next week.

  1. Where is Arya Stark going? To put Daenerys on her kill list?


2. Is there a King’s Landing left to rule?ย If yes, who will sit on the Iron Throne?

3. What will Jon and Tyrion do now?

4.ย  What is happening up North?

5. Will we ever see baby dragons?

6. Who is the prince/princess that was promised?

Phew, quite a list! We just have to wait until next Monday, won’t we? In the meantime, tell us what you guys think.

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