Social Media Is Outraged Over These 7 Scenes From GOT S8E04! **Spoiler Alert**

Disclaimer: This post contains MAJOR spoilers. So if you haven’t watched the episode yet, you know the drill!

So, today’s episode was something…and I say that with fumes of rage coming out from my ears! Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4 can be summed up in one word – disappointing. Sure the episode had its moments of laughter, heartbreak, and anger, fans from across the world are pointing out some of the things that downright enraged them.

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1. Ghost didn’t even get a proper goodbye.

Dammit, Jon! The direwolf has unflinchingly been by his side, lost an ear fighting with the dead for him and not only does Jon not pet him but also doesn’t give him a proper goodbye, in a way abandoning him. Fans are right being pissed at Jon!

2. Missandei died the worst possible death – in chains.

One of the most loyal followers the show has seen till now, Missandei’s death was truly a letdown! It would have felt much better if she died by a crossbow pierced through her from one of Euron’s ships. But watching her die a prisoner was incredibly heartbreaking. Also, a woman of colour taken as a prisoner and executed while in chains – her death might be the beginning of a big controversy surrounding people of colour.

3. No one saw Rheagal’s death coming!

Just when we thought that Dany’s gonna reach Dragonstone and kick some ass with two of her dragons, while she admires them flying (totally misleading, tbh), a crossbow appears out of nowhere and boom! Rheagal’s dead. What is this life?!

4. Jaime is the worst fuckboi in the history of all fuckbois.

There were just too many things wrong with Brienne and Jaime’s narrative. First, Brienne was lowkey virgin-shamed. Second, just when their romance (which has been building up since season 3) saw some light, Jaime left her to get to Cersei. No matter what his intentions were, a man leaving an unconventional and “masculine” woman for another traditionally appealing choice sure did enrage many.

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5. Dany’s total disregard for common sense.

Anybody in their right minds would want to rest, take a vacation, and, for God’s sake, sleep for some good hours after battling the most dangerous villain the show had to offer. But that’s just not Dany’s way! Even after Sansa, Varys, and Tyrion advised her otherwise, Dany was so unbelievably arrogant that she completely ignored their counsel. The result? Missandei, Rheagal, and probably a handful of their remaining army dead.

6. Jon and Sansa can’t keep a secret.

The two letting out on the secret of Jon’s true parentage even after swearing not to is hilariously the most relatable thing ever!

7. Drogon not setting Cersei and her men on fire after Missandei said “Dracarys”.

Let’s just hope things take a turn for the better in the next episode!

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