From Mom Scolding To Wife Nagging, Desis List Funny Things They Overheard On Office Zoom Calls

From falling asleep to getting robbed, we have come across many unusual stories of people whilst they were on an online video call, webinar, or meeting. As I am working from home, I too have realized the perks and perils of this mode of learning and working. While it is true that you can get comfortable while working, you can also get a little bit too comfortable while working as well!

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A Twitter user took to the platform to ask people about the most hilarious fails they’ve encountered while on a virtual call:

And as usual, all the desi people dished out the most bizarre moments they’ve witnessed:

1. Of course, mom!

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2. Or just other people saying embarrassing stuff!

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3. Sleeping & snoring!

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4. Farting was a common response!

5. And noises that simply left everyone startled!

What are the most WTF moments you’ve faced in your online classes or meetings? Tell us!

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