Kid Falls Asleep During 40-Minute Video Call With Teacher, Adults Online Say ‘SAME!’

Give me a virtual high-five if you also think that by the time coronavirus bids us adieu, aur kuch hona ho, the world will definitely become more tech-savvy, all thanks to the innumerable hours being spent on online classes, zoom calls, webinars and virtual meetings.

But working and studying from home also has its own perks and perils. The perk is that there’s no one to throw you out of the class when you doze off like this young fellow.

A Twitter user recently shared a picture of her kindergartner on a 40-minute video call with his teacher and it’s safe to say, its all of us 15-minutes into the call.

However, hours later, the user also shared another picture of the lad from the same day. Look, how happy he is while sharing his stuffed animal during ‘show and tell’.

Well, people resonated with the little boy’s emotions. Here’s how they reacted:

Let me quote my desi mom here, “Game khelney time neend nahi aati, padhai k time turant neend aa jaati hai.”

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