Once A Star Hockey Player From Punjab, Paramjeet Kumar Now Lifts Sacks To Make Ends Meet

Earlier, the internet highlighted how the country is biased towards cricket players and has been ignoring other sports persons when a female footballer player from Kolkata was spotted delivering food to earn a living.

Now, another former state-level hockey player was spotted lifting sacks in Punjab for his bread and butter.

The sportsperson named Paramjeet Kumar represented Punjab in several junior hockey nationals and was also named in the Indian junior hockey team in 2007, reported The Indian Express.

He was also part of the Sports Authority of India (SAI), PEPSU, and Punjab teams. But after giving his sweat and blood to the sport and his state, the former sports star now carries heavy sacks from one place to another to make ends meet.

“Roz da ehi routine hai, borian lana te utarna te ek bori de 1.25 rupaye milde han.”

(It’s my daily routine to load and unload sacks from trucks and I get Rs 1.25 for each sack).

“Where I work, not many know about hockey, but when they get to know, they always pat me on the back and that’s the only reward I have got from hockey. When I return home, I see my five-year-old son Vikrant and I make him play with a plastic hockey ball. Whatever happened to me, I want him to change that,” the hockey player from Faridkot told The Indian Express.

In a video shared online, Kumar can be seen doing his daily work of carrying loads for which he gets paid Rs 1.25 per sack. In order to earn a considerable amount of money, he has to carry around 450 sacks per day on the shoulders that once were proud of the fact that he played for Punjab.

Watch the video here:

In 2004, he was selected for the (SAI) training center at NIS, Patiala.

“When I was selected for the SAI center at Patiala, I could not even think of affording a hockey kit. But staying in the hostel always made me dream to play for India one day. I played for SAI combined teams in the junior nationals.”

After giving his best every time, Kumar was made a part of the Indian junior team that was supposed to play at the Junior Asia Cup which was to be held in Bangladesh in 2007.

“When I was chosen for the Junior Asia Cup, I got the blazer and I could not sleep the whole night. But two days later, the tournament got canceled. Tokyo Olympics bronze medal-winning Indian captain Manpreet Singh and other players like Rupinder Pal Singh, Lalit Upadhyay, and Kothajeet Singh were my team-mates in the SAI teams and they would always praise and encourage me.”

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In another video, Kumar showcased the multiple medals and trophies he had won in his hockey career.

But destiny had different plans for him. In 2012, Kumar suffered an injury to his left hand and was away from the game for more than a year.

However, the determined sportsman returned with a bang after his injury and played at the state level and local levels. Despite that, he had to work as a ‘palledar’ (a person who loads and unloads sacks of grains) to pay his bills and feed his family of three.

“After the injury, it has been a struggle to make a comeback. I had to work as a ‘palledar’ at the mandi to make ends meet. I hope to return as a player soon or get a job as a coach. If I could do that, I can be a good example for my son and maybe he can play for India one day which I could not.”

People online were moved by his plight and urged the authorities to take necessary steps to help Kumar.

We also wish that your wishes come true and that you return to the field and play for the country someday.

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