Female Footballer Who Represented India Internationally Now Works As Food Delivery Agent

Every year, several sports enthusiasts in India represent the country in competitive events and win accolades we don’t even get to know about. After winning medals for the country they’re born in, one would think they would have a bright future. But apart from cricketers, hardly any other sportsperson’s life changes for good after playing for the country.

Among these dedicated individuals is Polami Adhikary from West Bengal who has represented India at the international level.

Polami is an ace football player who has played in several under-16 tournaments including many national and international ones. She has also represented India in foreign countries like the UK, Germany, and Sri Lanka, among others, reported The Indian Express.

But today, the footballer has to work as a delivery executive for her bread and butter. In a video that’s now going viral, a man was seen interviewing Polami wherein she shared her plight.

“I’m professionally a football player. I have played several national and international games. But since nothing worked out, I got into this profession to earn a living.”

A third-year student, Polami stays with her dad after her mother passed away when she was young and her elder sister got married. Currently, she is the only earning person in her family who manages to collect somewhere around Rs 150- Rs 400 every day. The person interviewing her was in shock to know that once an international player, Polami now has to take up menial jobs to fill her stomach.

Captioning the video, the user wrote:

“She is Polami Adhikary a football player who has represented India at the international level. Today she has to support her family as an online food delivery person.”

Watch her here:

People online sympathized with her grim situation and bashed the government for not looking after sportspersons like her and showering money on Indian cricketers who are already rich and famous.

It’s only the fortunate ones who are given government jobs and millions of rupees for winning medals for the country. Others like Polami still have to work hard and take up odd jobs to make ends meet. Such a heartbreaking reality.

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