This Footballer Thanked Both His Wife And Girlfriend In A Speech And Twitter Lost Its Shit!

When it comes to acceptance speeches after any match, there is not much to look forward to. There is usually the regular, “I would like to thank my family and supporters…Blah Blah Blah”. Cricket fans have been blessed with the occasional “Boys played well” routine (it’s one of the few things I actually miss now that we don’t play with ‘them’), but other than that, it’s basically no fun.

But it seems like Mohammed Anas, a Ghanaian footballer who plays for South African club ‘Free State Stars F.C’ in the South African Premier Division football league decided to spice things up a bit while giving the speech after getting the Man of The Match award.

In what can be called a ‘massive brain fade’, Anas thanked both his wife and his girlfriend (that’s right) for his brilliant performance on the field. Check out the video uploaded by Gary Al-Smith


As soon as the video went viral, Mohammed Anas became an overnight Twitter sensation, with people sharing hilarious reactions on his honesty. Check them out.

1. No shit, Sherlock!


2. Can’t argue that


3. I am pretty sure of that too


4. In WTF logic


5. Now that is a brilliant idea


6. Seems about right


7. Too much happiness in one GIF


8. So, a hat-trick?


9. Greatest speech of all time


10. Instant regret


11. Asking the real questions


12. The analogy seems pretty accurate


13. Everyone listening to Anas be like


14. Mohammed Anas for President?


15. And his name will be inscribed in golden letters 

That’s why they say, “Think before you speak.”


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