You Will Now Be Slapped With A Hefty Fine Of ₹50,000 For Dumping Waste In Ganga

Our country is currently faced with a serious problem of inefficient waste management. Due to lack of vigilance and corrupt enforcement of the law, these toxic waste materials end up flooding landfills and are often dumped in water bodies nearby.

The repercussions? The death of marine life.

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However, authorities in Varanasi are up-ing their game to penalize violators who are found dumping waste in Ganga river.

According to HT, the Varanasi district administration has decided to slap a hefty fine of Rs. 50,000 if anyone is found dumping waste into the river repeatedly on three occasions. Officials were issued instructions to slap a penalty of Rs. 2000 on first-time violators.

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Reportedly, District magistrate Surendra Singh said that if the person doesn’t mend his / her ways and is found dumping the waste into the river for the second time, slap a financial penalty of Rs. 10,000. The DM also directed officials to slap a fine of Rs. 50,000 if the person repeats it for the third time.

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Likewise, the DM said those found dumping waste into the canals should be slapped with a fine of Rs. 1,000, Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 50,000 on the first, second and third occasions respectively.

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Shopkeepers, who don’t keep bins for waste disposal, would also be fined Rs. 2,000 on the first occasion, Rs. 5,000 on the second time and Rs. 25,000 on the third time.

We must mend our ways and stop polluting our environment. Chances are, most of the cities will follow this kind of mandate to give citizens the taste of their own medicine!

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