Fans Can’t Get Over Fawad Khan As He Makes His MCU Debut With ‘Ms. Marvel’

“It’s not really the brown girls from Jersey city who save the world.”

When Kamala Khan said this in the first episode of Ms. Marvel, I was like HELL YES. For the first time ever, we have a truly desi female Marvel superhero and I feel so represented. Here is a girl who watches SRK, whose foremothers come from pre-partition India, she eats Biryani and Phuchka, and songs by Ritviz and those from Coke Studio play throughout the series. THIS IS IT.

I would have never thought that there would come a day when a Marvel movie or series would have its initial credits in Bengali, Urdu and Hindi and we finally have it in Ms. Marvel.

What’s even better is that the fifth episode, which aired today, has Fawad Khan! And his is not a blink-and-miss appearance, but the entire episode is based on him.

Fawad Khan plays Hasan, Kamala’s great-grandfather and husband to Aisha, the mysterious great-grandmother around whom most of the story revolves. And it was such a visual treat to watch him be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And a lot of fans online thought the same. Here’s what many of them said while going ga-ga over the episode:

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My heart just skipped a beat again. :’)

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