Father Falls In Love With Son’s Wife, Steals His Bike & Runs Away With Her In Rajasthan

A lot of people claim that love knows no age or boundaries. It can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. But what happens if a person falls in love with a member of their own family? Sounds strange, right?

But a man in Rajasthan fell in love with his son’s wife (his daughter-in-law). According to Times Now, the man also stole his son’s bike and ran away with his daughter-in-law, who is the mother of a six-month-old daughter.

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The incident happened in Rajasthan’s Bundi district. The victim, in this case, is Pawan Vairagi who filed a police complaint against his father and claimed that he seduced his wife and lured her into running away with him. He claimed that his wife is innocent and his father is the actual villain.

Pawan also claimed that his father was engaged in illegal work which is why he didn’t mingle much with the villagers. Although the police said that they were investigating the case, Pawan alleged that the cops are handling the case very lightly and had not been able to give him the location of his wife and father.

This is not the only bizarre love story to have happened recently. A few days ago, news of a man marrying his wife’s lover’s wife also made headlines and confused the hell out of people!

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