Married Woman Elopes With Another Man, So Her Husband Marries The Lover’s Wife In Bihar

A woman named Ruby Devi from Bihar’s Khagaria was married in 2009 and had four kids with a man named Neeraj. However, Neeraj later found out that Ruby was having an extra-marital affair with a man named Mukesh. In February 2022, Ruby and Mukesh ran away and got married, reported ETV Bharat.

Here’s where things get a little complicated. Mukesh, Ruby’s lover, was also a married man and the name of his wife was also Ruby. When Neeraj found out that the two had eloped, he filed a police case against the man for kidnapping his wife. In the complaint, Neeraj claimed that a village panchayat was held to resolve the matter but Mukesh didn’t agree and since then, he has been on the run.

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To take revenge on Mukesh, Neeraj married his wife, who is also named Ruby, and they recently got married in February 2023.

If you’re feeling confused reading this, I get you.

On learning about this piece of news, people online had the most hilarious reactions. Have a look:

I don’t know man. My head is still buzzing right now!

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