Pic Captures Proud Moment Of Manipur Dad Looking At The Stars On Cop Daughter’s Uniform

From a very early age, kids have this innate desire to make their parents proud. They want to look after them, please them with what they desire, and overall, just make them happy!

Speaking of which, a beautiful picture of a Manipuri father checking out the ‘stars’ on his daughter’s police uniform is winning the internet. According to a Hindustan Times, the woman in the picture is Deputy SP Rattana Ngaseppam from Imphal.

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The picture so delightfully catches how proud the older man is of his daughter’s accomplishments. It was posted on Twitter and has gone viral. Have a look:

People on the internet are full of love for this picture. Many believe that the picture is Pulitzer-worthy. Others are calling the man a “proud dad”. Have a look:

The relationship shared between a father and his daughter is indeed special and this shot manages to capture it accurately!