Farmer Denied Entry Into Bengaluru Metro For His Clothes, Locals Fight For His Right

In India, individuals are often unfairly judged based on their clothing, particularly if they are economically disadvantaged. It’s akin to displaying one’s financial status through attire. This bias represents a dark reality, adding to the challenges faced by those already grappling with poverty. Here’s an example of a person being discriminated on the basis of his clothes in Bengaluru.

In Bengaluru’s Rajajinagar metro station, a poor farmer was denied entry by security personnel because of his attire. The authorities argued that the clothes weren’t clean enough for him to travel in the metro.

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A man named Karthik C Airani argued with the authorities and questioned them whether there was any dress code for people to travel in the metro. He fought for the farmer’s basic right to travel via public transport.

“He is a farmer and possesses the required ticket to travel through the metro. He also does not have any items in his sack that are prohibited from bringing into the metro. He only has clothes. On what basis is he being denied entry? Show me a rule which mandates a dress code for commuters of the metro. Is this a transport restricted to the VIPs? It’s public transport,” Airani said to the officials in Kannada, quoted Moneycontrol.

Another commuter came to the farmer’s support and said that he should be denied entry only if he carried belongings that were banned inside the metro. He called it “blatant discrimination”.

A post on this entire incident was shared on X by a user named Deepak. Have a look:

Several people lauded Karthik for coming to the poor farmer’s help while many others slammed the metro officials for discriminating against a passenger on the basis of their clothing. Here’s what some of them wrote:

According to reports, after the post went viral, Bengaluru Metro released a statement saying that the security official involved in the incident had been sacked.

What are your views on this incident?

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