Farah Khan Kunder Responds To #MeToo Accusations Against Brother Sajid Khan

sajid khan

For as far as I can remember, and even before that, women have been pitted against each other for numerous reasons. From the auntie next door who has an unhealthy interest in our fashion choices to the woman on Twitter calling a sexual harassment survivor as an “attention seeker,” these are all manifestations of this.

And even when aware of this fact, it takes a lot to unlearn this age-old practice that’s been instilled in all of us. Even more to walk the talk.

Which is why Farah Khan’s response to the allegations made against her brother Sajid Khan is worthy of taking note.

Sajid Khan who’s been accused of despicable acts by actresses¬†Saloni Chopra and Rachel White, as well as a freelance journalist, has since been made to step down from his directorial position for the movie Housefull 4.

With all 3 women detailing the horrible experiences they have allegedly had at the hands of her brother, Farah Khan responded with the following tweet:

Despite being shaken by the accusations against her brother, Farah declares her solidarity the women hurt by his actions.

Many on Twitter appreciated Farah for standing by the women affected, rather than blindly taking her brother’s side:


However, some are finding it hard to believe that she did not know of his behaviour earlier:


While it is hard to determine whether Farah Khan did indeed know of the sexual misconducts her brother has been accused off, it is nonetheless comforting to see her take a stand for the women risking everything to tell their stories. We will just have to wait to see how the repercussions of this matter falls on Sajid and his family.

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