Man Sent Fake Hijack Warning To Airports Because He Wanted To Cancel Goa Plan With GF

A plain ‘no’ is usually sufficient. But we all have seen that one person in our life who goes to unreal lengths to narrate a fictional story to back up his ‘no’.

Vamshi Chowdhary is one of those people. He’s also one of those people who cancels the Goa plan in the end after all the planning has been done.

Remember the recent hijack warnings Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad airports received?

Because of a perceived terrorist threat, the security forces tightened the security to the level we usually see during Republic Day. Turns out the tip-off was fake and Vamshi had given it to prevent a Goa trip with his girlfriend.

Vamshi Chowdhary
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He was facing financial problems and hence could not afford to go on a Goa trip with his girlfriend.

He tried to tell her that they could go on a different date, but she declined to empathise with Vamshi’s problem.


So he solved it in his way. He sent an anonymous email to Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad airports, warning them of a hijack threat. The cyber police tracked the email down and arrested Vamshi.

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He confessed to sending the hoax email and gave them the real reason too. In the mail, he had written that a lady had overheard six boys talking about a simultaneous hijack plan in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. The CISF, which handles the security at all the airports in India took the email very seriously.

“The email could well be a hoax, but we didn’t take any chances. Embarkation (boarding) security increased, anti-contingency plan put in place and meeting of all stakeholders was held.”

After the police arrested Vamshi Chowdhary, they discovered that he had 2 more cyber cases lodged against him.

And although it really seems like one, it’s not a laughing matter at all. Crying wolf is wrong because if the CISF will not act quickly based on a threat, people can die. And if they assume the threat is a hoax, again, people can die.

Grow a pair and say no outright the next time, instead of cooking up crazy hijack stories.

Source – News 18

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