Engineer Laid Off A Day After Posting About Recession In Tech Industry, Support Pours In

If you thought 2022 was bad in terms of layoffs, 2023 proved to be worse and by the looks of it, 2024 isn’t looking better either. There have been widespread layoffs in various industries. In fact, in January itself, several employed professionals found that they were out of a job overnight. According to India Today, 32,000 tech employees have lost their jobs in 2024. From startups to top tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Meta have let go of a huge chunk of their employees citing restructuring and cost-cutting measures.

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One of the people who was recently laid off by his company was Jishnu, an engineer who worked as a second engineer member at a certain company. What’s funny is that on February 7, he made a post on X writing how the whole recession situation in the tech industry is making him uneasy and how he currently has low confidence because of it.

A day later, he got laid off from his company.

Giving more details about his work and experience, Jishnu revealed that he worked for 5 years in the company. When he had joined, there were only 5 people. When he left, there were 150 employees.

It was when he saw a calender invite at 10 AM in the morning with people he didn’t usually interact with, he realised his time at the company had come to an end.

However, people online were incredibly supportive and many came forward to notify him about job opportunities. Some even asked him for his resume so they could help him out. Here’s a look at some of the responses to his post:

It is wonderful to see strangers coming forward to help a man who just lost his job. The beauty of humanity!

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