Ellen DeGeneres Had The Hottest Gift For Tennis Champ Naomi Osaka For Her Birthday

You know what’s my only favourite thing about the whole Cinderella fiasco that girls all over the world are fed right from when they are teeny tiny humans? The Fairy Godmother. Every girl deserves one of those. Navigating the romance minefield is a nightmare. And having a personal magical little person rooting for your love life and doing everything in her power to make sure you end up with the best of the best… Oh God, I sooo want one of those!

Whether Ellen DeGeneres has magical powers is debatable. But she’s no less than a fairy godmother to countless people. She has single-handedly improved the lives of thousands through her philanthropic acts.

And when the time came to wish reigning US Open champion, Naomi Osaka, a happy birthday, Ellen made sure to send an extra special gift her way.

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Home for a bit ❤️

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Ellen remembered something Naomi had let slip during her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show. She had quizzed Naomi about all her favourite things. Favourite TV show, favourite singer and… celebrity crush. And this is where it got interesting. Naomi admitted to having a crush on Michael B. Jordan, who literally had many of us rooting for the bad guy in Black Panther.

Ellen being Ellen, thought this would be the perfect way to wish the tennis star:

Hot daaaaaayum! Someone call the fire squad quickly!!! Oh, and Ellen also tagged Michael in the tweet to seal the deal.

Poor Naomi, who probably wished the earth would swallow her whole out of embarrassment, replied with this tiny request:

However, turns out Ellen can do no wrong as Naomi’s birthday just got a whole lot steamier. Michael replied to the tweet and damn, did he knock it out of the park!

Hot daaaaaayum times infinity! I think my heart might just explode.

Not only did Naomi get an uber hot pic from the heartthrob himself, she also got invited to the premiere of Creed 2 with him! Go, Naomi!

Of course, all thanks to Ellen though:

If I were in Naomi’s place, I’d probably go into cardiac arrest after this series of events.

She, however, managed to keep it together enough to accept Michael’s invite:

Yaaaas, gurl!

Needless to say, Twitterati lost it!

A very happy birthday, indeed.

Listen up, people!

The best wingwoman ever!

God bless you, Michael.

Naomi Osaka and Michael B. Jordan? I stan! And, Ellen you glorious human being! Can we please be friends? Pretty please?