Elder Siblings Share Screenshots Of How They’re Always Sending Money To Their Younger Siblings

If you are a younger sibling, give me a high 5!

People don’t realise what a blessing it is to have an elder sibling (most times). Yeah, you might get compared to them every now and then by your parents, but your elder sibling is like a guardian + friend and that combination is hands-down amazing. For example, if you are a girl and you have an elder sister, you can live as a complaint-free pile-on for half your life. You can share clothes, makeup, accessories, and what not. It’s the same if you are a guy and have an older brother. You can forget spending money on clothes and other accessories because bada bhai hai na.

And when your elder sibling bags a job then toh bas! They now have the additional responsibility of looking after you financially. Funny thing is, rarely can they say no because they understand the pressure and embarrassment of asking your parents for money once you’ve grown up. But on the flip side, their bank accounts drain by the end of the month! Sorry not sorry, Dada.

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Here’s a look. Elder siblings on Twitter have been sharing screenshots of their Google Pay, PhonePe, etc. accounts to show that when it comes to sending money to their younger siblings, it’s always outgoing and never incoming! While some send thousands, one guy sends nearly a lakh to their younger sibling. Where can I subscribe for an elder sibling like this?

On the other hand, this is what younger siblings shared – mostly incoming. However, there were some mahaan personalities who send money to their elder siblings instead. And a few sad ones who receive no money whatsoever also exist!

BRB. Need to show these screenshots to my older brother and emotionally blackmail him!🤑

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