Bro Surprises Sister With MacBook After Old Laptop Breaks, Twitter Says, ‘Mere Bhai Banoge?’


Brothers – they steal our shampoo and use it as a body wash, eat all our chocolate from the fridge and never let us touch their clothes. But every once in a while they surprise us by being extremely considerate and brotherly.

Twitter user Ajay Kareer started saving money to surprise his sister after her laptop broke and two months later, he purchased a MacBook Pro for her. How cute is that?


A couple of women wanted to send him a rakhi and some Twitter users wondered if he himself broke her laptop in the first place 😛

Other people compared him to their own brothers who’d never do something this sweet and thoughtful. A few even jokingly asked him to delete his tweet!


What do you think will happen if you send this tweet to your brother – will he laugh like you cracked a nice joke or would he actually consider it? Tell us.

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